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    Condos for Sale in Agincourt, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Agincourt

    Named for the site of a 1415 battle where Henry the V was victorious, Agincourt is a Scarborough suburb with a French name and a large Asian population — how’s that for multiculturalism? The neighbourhood has a decidedly suburban feel, with large detached homes of similar design on residential streets, and parks interspersed throughout the area to break up the visual monotony.

    The neighbourhood has plenty to offer residents of all ages, with great schools in the area and several recreation centres; ideal for families who are considering condos for sale in Agincourt. Businesses are clustered on Sheppard Ave E and Finch Ave E — cafes, restaurants, and retail stores, many of which cater to Asian buyers. Strip malls are scattered around the neighbourhood and host service based businesses and specialized shops.

    Buyers who are interested in Agincourt condos for sale, have over 30 buildings to choose from — most of which are townhouse complexes such as Stradford Park Townhomes or towering high-rises like The Windsor Condos. Amenities and finishes vary depending on the building, but the first thing buyers will notice about condos for sale in Agincourt, are that prices are quite affordable. And with excellent bus service and Agincourt GO in the neighbourhood, it’s easy to get around without a vehicle.