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    Condos for Rent in Centennial Scarborough | Port Union, Toronto, ON

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    Renting a home in Centennial Scarborough | Port Union

    A quiet and commuter friendly neighbourhood — the Centennial Scarborough and Port Union area is a popular landing place for growing families. But you don’t have to be married with kids to enjoy this neighbourhood, as Centennial Scarborough and Port Union condos for rent are great for nature lovers as well.

    The neighbourhood is located on the shores of Lake Ontario — residents have the Waterfront Trail to enjoy, and lakeside parks and playgrounds. Parents have several schools to choose from and even more in neighbouring areas. And for after school, Adam’s Park has a variety of sports fields to keep children entertained.

    Kingston Rd serves as main street, and it’s there that most businesses can be found — restaurants, automotive repair shops, specialized retail stores, and more. Nightlife and entertainment is quite limited, though residents can enjoy a drink at Remedy Lounge and Café or Sofis Mexican Bar and Grill.

    Condo Life in Centennial Scarborough | Port Union

    Looking for condos for rent in Port Union? You have 3 buildings to check out —2 townhouse complexes and a loft residence. For anyone who’s seeking extensive amenities in a property, this neighbourhood will be a disappointment, as neither the townhouses nor loft residence come with any extras:

    Those who love loft living will certainly find Three7 Condos and Lofts more appealing than the townhouse complexes, as it offers modern units with soft-loft layouts. Families who desire Port Union condos for rent will enjoy the high-end finishes, and separated living space at 121 Centennial Road Townhouses — which offers a living experience similar to that of a house. Centennial Hill Condos is your more run of the mill townhouse residence, with spacious suites at a far lower cost than downtown Toronto condos.


    Love to get things done without using transit? Move somewhere else… seriously, a horse would have trouble running errands on foot in this neighbourhood. Public transit options are somewhat limited — there are bus routes on major roads, but sections of the neighbourhood are without a nearby stop. For longer trips, Rouge Hill GO is just east of Port Union Rd.

    Car owners have an effortless drive to the 401 and can reach it in less than 5 minutes.