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    Condos for Sale in Malvern | White Haven, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Malvern | White Haven

    Picture the epitome of Suburbia — welcome to Malvern and White Haven… really, it looks exactly like what you just pictured. So, if you’re ready for suburban living, there’s a condo for sale in Malvern with your name on it.

    Located north of the 401 in Scarborough, this commuter friendly neighbourhood is a popular landing spot for growing families. The neighbourhood might not offer much in the way of aesthetics — packed with identical streets which are lined by identical houses — but with affordable prices and ample green spaces, residents can endure the cookie-cutter nature of the area.

    Malvern and White Haven are 2 separate areas joined to form one neighbourhood but for all intents and purposes, the living experience is identical. Shopping centres are evenly distributed throughout the neighbourhood, and there’s commercial space just east of Conlins Rd. Dining options are also spread around the neighbourhood, but there’s a cluster of restaurants at the intersection of Morningside Ave and Sheppard Ave.

    Condos for sale in Malvern and White Haven are well suited to families — there are schools in both the Catholic and public boards, nearby athletic centres, and kid friendly entertainment options such as Toronto Zoo and Splash Island, which are just east of the neighbourhood.

    Condo Life in Malvern | White Haven

    If you’re interested in condos for sale in Malvern, you’re in luck, because there are over 2 dozen buildings in the neighbourhood; buyers have their choice of traditional and modern high-rise towers, low-rise condos, and townhouses.

    Families have some excellent options in this neighbourhood for units that will feel just like a house — 100 Wingarden Court Condominium has one of the lowest prices per square foot in the neighbourhood, and the GTA for that matter; suites in this townhome complex have the square footage of a world war II home, but at price points that are comparable to 1-bedroom condos in downtown Toronto.

    Even modern high-rises with high end finishes like Markham Place Condos are much more affordable than their counterparts in Toronto, which makes Malvern condos for sale very enticing for first time homebuyers. Amenities are consistent with most condos in the GTA — high-rises offer the usual extras and townhouses offer very little.


    While portions of this neighbourhood are pedestrian friendly, residents will likely need a vehicle or public transit to get things done. Public transit users have bus routes on all major roadways, some of which connect to Scarborough Centre Station for subway lines.

    Car owners have an excellent starting point for their morning commute and can reach the 401 in minutes, making it easy to connect to the Don Valley Parkway and highway 401.

    Malvern | White Haven Overview

    The Locals: Young families and first-time home buyers.

    Code of Conduct: Drinking morning coffee in a travel cup.

    What You’ll Find: Row upon row of identical houses.

    What You Won’t Find: Buildings with character.

    The Homes: Semi-detached and detached 2 storey houses, and high-rise condos and apartments.

    Sealing the Deal: Taking the kids to the zoo hassle free.