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    Condos for Sale in Morningside, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Morningside

    If the concrete jungle has you feeling claustrophobic, condos for sale in Morningside will feel like a breath of fresh air.

    The neighbourhood of Morningside is a green-filled community, divided down the middle by Morningside Park; if scenic riverside walks and expansive woodlands is your cup of tea, you’ll be very happy here. Beyond this sizeable green space, there are a number of large parks in the neighbourhood, and most residents are within walking distance of a green space.

    The vast majority of the neighbourhood is comprised of winding residential streets with single family homes — the intersection of Neilson Rd and Ellesmere Rd serves as the gathering place of most businesses in the area, and residents have a selection of retail stores, salons, grocery stores, financial institutions, and fast food chains such as Wendy’s.

    Condos for sale in Morningside are well-suited to families; Scarborough Health Network is in the neighbourhood for emergencies, there are multiple schools, playgrounds, dog parks, and Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre sits on the eastern boundary.

    Condo Life in Morningside

    Buyers have a modest collection of buildings to check out on their Toronto condo hunt — traditional high-rises and townhomes. The big draw here is the prices; condos for sale in Morningside can be very affordable, and in some cases, 3-bedroom units sell for the price of studios in downtown Toronto.

    Large condo residences like Mapledale Condos have the best value, and as a bonus, there isn’t a single unit in the building below 600 square feet; with relaxing amenities that include tennis courts and a pool, condos for sale in Morningside have plenty to keep kids entertained.

    Those who desire more privacy, will likely be drawn to spacious townhouses in the area, all of which are over 1200 square feet.


    Pedestrian friendly, this neighbourhood is not — Yoda mimicry aside, residents won’t be able to accomplish their daily errands on foot. Public transit options aren’t particularly enticing either, as while there are bus routes in the neighbourhood, some areas are without service; for longer journeys, there are bus routes in the neighbourhood which connect to McCowan Station for subway lines.

    Driving is by the far the easiest way to navigate the area, and with the 401 running across the northern boundary of the neighbourhood, drivers can be on the highway in minutes and easily connect to the Don Valley Parkway.

    Morningside Overview

    The Locals: Mostly families, and empty nesters over the age of 65.

    Code of Conduct: Visiting at least 1 park a day.

    What You’ll Find: Trees, trees, and more trees.

    What You Won’t Find: Pubs, bars, or nightclubs.

    The Homes: Single family homes, traditional high-rise apartments and condos.

    Sealing the Deal: Jaw-droppingly low condo prices.