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    Condos for Sale in Port Royal | Goldhawk | Armdale, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Port Royal | Goldhawk | Armdale

    Before becoming the picture of suburban living, this neighbourhood was once entirely made up of farmland. More than just a long name, the Port Royal, Goldhawk, and Armdale area is actually 3 distinct neighbourhoods combined, making it a more functional community — sort of like Captain Planet or Voltron, the neighbourhood edition.

    Armdale is found in the eastern portion of the neighbourhood, and is mostly commercial — home to tech companies, wholesale food distributors, corporate offices, storage facilities, service based businesses, and a number of big box stores and restaurants. There are additional shopping and dining options spread throughout the area, including Milliken Wells Shopping Centre which is found in the centre of the neighbourhood.

    The living experience in Port Royal and Goldhawk is almost indistinguishable from one another; both have winding residential streets with large single family homes, and a sprinkling of Toronto condo buildings. The neighbourhood has several schools and a variety of recreation facilities, which makes condos for sale in Port Royal and Goldhawk a great choice for families.

    Though there are multiple green spaces in the area, Milliken District Park is by far the largest, featuring playgrounds, walking trails, and a community centre. One possible drawback to this neighbourhood is that entertainment options are almost entirely based around recreation, so those who crave a vibrant nightlife will need to find it elsewhere.

    Condo Life in Port Royal | Goldhawk | Armdale

    While this in fact 3 distinct neighbourhoods, most buyers will know the area simply as Port Royal — which is a shame, because Goldhawk is clearly the best name. The condo boom in Port Royal happened in the late 80s and early 90s, evidenced by the classic style high-rise towers in the neighbourhood: The Gatsby Condos, Platinum East Condos, and The Ambassadors III Condos all have a similar aesthetic.

    Because most of the buildings in the area are older, condos for sale in Port Royal tend to have spacious floor plans. Some buyers might not adore the idea of an older building, as they can have dated units, but with the low price per square foot in this neighbourhood, putting your own personal touch on one of these suites could yield a nice return in the future.

    In keeping with the neighbourhood’s family theme, many of the condos for sale in Port Royal are found in buildings with pools and tennis courts, ideal for keeping children entertained. And for those who would prefer the layout of a house, Mytko Garden has townhouses that offer more privacy than condos.


    Given that this is a sprawling suburban neighbourhood, it’s not particularly walkable. Public transit users have reasonable access to bus routes, and for longer trips, Milliken GO Station is just west of the neighbourhood.

    Port Royal condos for sale were meant for car owners — driver’s can effortlessly reach the 401, 404, and 407.

    Port Royal | Goldhawk | Armdale Overview

    The Locals: Kids, growing families, kids, commuters, and kids…children.

    Code of Conduct: Mom jeans and New Balance sneakers.

    What You’ll Find: Well groomed parks and cookie-cutter residential streets.

    What You Won’t Find: Nightlife with a pulse.

    The Homes: Large suburban houses and traditional high-rise towers.

    Sealing the Deal: A safe setting to raise a family.