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Condo Townhouses for Sale

Condo townhouses for sale can feel like a breath of fresh air for anyone feeling like they’ve been priced out of the detached, single-family home market in Toronto. Something of a compromise, townhomes may technically be condos, however, they feel more like houses than anything else. For example, residents living in these homes get their very own front doors with direct street access, and sometimes even a ground-level garden or backyard too. What’s more, even condos can be more expensive than townhouses: in 2019 the average price for a three-bedroom condo surpassed the combined average price of townhouses, row houses, and semi-attached houses in Toronto.

Price aside, some buyers simply don’t want all the responsibility that comes along with owning a single-family home. By opting for a townhouse rather than a condo, buyers won’t be the ones in charge of structural repairs, nor will they have to deal with snow removal or landscaping, either.

Yes, owners of condo townhouses technically pay maintenance fees in exchange for the aforementioned services, yet these fees are, by and large, lower than those paid by residents of traditional condo units. Average condo fees for townhouses in Toronto sit at around 40 cents per square foot, while condo maintenance fees are, on average, 25 cents higher per square foot per month — and that really can add up. Those interested in condo townhouses for sale can thank the lack of glass window panes — which sometimes requires hoisting a human dozens of storeys into the air to keep clean — for this lower cost.

One tradeoff to consider before jumping for joy about low monthly fees, however, is the relatively short list of amenities that comes along with living in a condo townhouse. While large condo towers offer access to rooftop swimming pools and party rooms, most of the communal spaces in townhome complexes are usually found outside — which makes sense when there’s no singular building in which everyone resides. So when considering whether to purchase a condo townhouse for sale, prospective buyers should note that the amenities that most commonly accompany this type of home are barbecues and underground parking garages.

Buying a Condo Townhouse in Toronto

Believe it or not, condo townhouses for sale come in all different shapes and sizes — and styles, for that matter. Prospective residents can even choose between tight-knit communities and sprawling complexes that promise more anonymity. Those interested in the former can check out the 455 Dovercourt Condos, which contains a grand total of 12 homes, while the Liberty Village Townhomes, with its 466 units, is a prime example of the latter.

As for style, the vast majority of traditional looking, red-brick townhouses in Toronto were built in the 2000s and early 2010s. More recently, however, boxy, modernist buildings like the 35 Wabash Townhomes have been popping up all over the city. More often than not, the interiors in these townhouses are just as modern inside as they are out. Take the Oben Flats Harbord Towns, for example: the white, bright orange, and slate coloured façade resembles a Tetris puzzle, while the homes within feature sunken offices, enormous front windows, and a minimalist aesthetic.

Condo seekers who are after as much outdoor space as they can get their hands on will want to consider condo townhouses for sale as well. While most homes in condo towers can only contain balconies or terraces, architects working on townhome developments have more wiggle room. Many stacked townhomes, for example, offer upper-level residents access to private rooftop terraces, while ground-level gardens and patios aren’t all that uncommon in townhouse complexes either.

In addition to whatever private outdoor space a townhouse resident might be privy to, condo townhouses also commonly feature plenty of communal spaces like gardens, landscaped walkways, and even outdoor dining areas. This is most definitely part of the appeal for families— which happen to make up about a third of townhouse residents in Toronto.

Condo Townhouse Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Those who are now sold on the townhouse lifestyle might be wondering where exactly to look, and the beautiful thing about condo townhouses for sale in Toronto is that they’re practically everywhere. Though there’s no one neighbourhood that’s home to a startlingly high percentage of townhomes, searching in certain neighbourhoods will prove more successful than others.

In terms of the downtown core, the West End is particularly rife with townhouses. Liberty Village is teeming with this type of home, to be more specific, and it also helps that some of the townhouse complexes here are quite large themselves. With nearly 500 suites in the Liberty Village Townhomes and another 168 around the corner at the King West Village Towns, interested buyers won’t have to wait long for something in this neighbourhood to appear on the market.

Midtown is also a great place to search for townhouses, as developers have long understood that families gravitate to neighbourhoods like Lytton Park and Allenby. A good option for buyers with children — or those who plan on raising a family in the future — is the Lawrence Park Condos on Rosewell. The complex is a short walk away from John Ross Robertson Junior Public School, Glenview Senior Public School, Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute, and Havergal College.

Last but not least, older buyers thinking about downsizing will love the relaxed atmosphere of the Beaches neighbourhood — plus this area happens to be home to plenty of townhouses. The Hammersmith is an especially interesting choice, with front doors opening up to a common courtyard for the ultimate in privacy.