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    Homes for Sale in Queen West, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Queen West

    Toronto is infamous for its dynamism, diversity, eclecticism, or whichever other synonym one prefers, and there is no neighbourhood like Queen West that embodies this assorted spirit better. The area mostly refers to a large strip of Queen Street itself, while influence from surrounding spots like Chinatown, OCAD and the AGO, and the Entertainment District keep the neighbourhood as vivacious as ever.

    From University to Spadina Avenue, the low-cost eateries, punk rock scene, and club kids of the 1980’s have subsided, giving way to global fast-fashion brands in recent years. Following an inevitable course of gentrification, independent businesses have moved out, creating space for tenants with household names and bigger budgets such as Zara, the Gap, and Lululemon.

    Mainstream cultural production takes place on Queen Street within an identifiable Toronto landmark: the headquarters of Bell Canada’s media department is located in the historic 299 Queen Street at the corner of Queen and John. Once home to the Speaker’s Corner booth where passersby were welcome to rant or perform for television cameras in the 90’s, the building’s occupants have since changed. The gothic revival style heritage building still plays host to the Much Music Video Awards each year, and now serves as the set for talk shows such as the Social and the Marilyn Denis Show.

    Between Spadina Avenue and Bathurst Street, a few more of the little guys have managed to stick around, especially the textile and bead shops essential to OCAD students and designers working in the area. As one moves farther west, local boutiques become more plentiful. Some superb Toronto condos for sale can be found in the area as well: District Lofts on Richmond near Spadina has been the recipient of numerous architectural and design awards, and lies just to the south of Queen Street West.

    As something known to bring people together, it comes as no surprise that one aspect unifying this large stretch of one of Toronto’s major arteries is music. Institutions here have a knack for showcasing up-and-coming talent right before big breaks are made. Established in 1947, the Horseshoe Tavern has hosted gifted artists from The Rolling Stones, to The Police, Ramones, Talking Heads, and even Etta James. Both the Rivoli and the Cameron House have similarly been hosting musicians since the 1980’s, while the Rex is the go-to venue for all things Jazz.

    Businesses cater to the musicians living in the area as well, such as Steve’s Music, and Moog Audio. Multipurpose spaces such as 401 Richmond and Artscape Youngplace also help classify the neighbourhood as an arts-oriented community. 401 Richmond houses artists and cultural producers, as well as gallery spaces and shops within a heritage building, and holds events that are open to the public. Likewise, Artscape is part classroom, part workspace, and is dedicated to fostering collaboration and cultural production.

    From Bathurst down to Trinity Bellwoods Park, higher-end shops begin to pop up, interspersed with trendy bars and eateries, independent cafes, bakeries, and specialty food stores. Like nods to the area’s tasty industrial past, Queen West condos such as the Candy Factory and the Chocolate Company Lofts are two notable hard lofts, whose front doors open conveniently onto Queen Street West.

    The residents living on and around Queen West are those who welcome Toronto’s quirks with open arms. The close proximity to Trinity Bellwoods Park means guaranteed entertainment, whether by people watching, picnicking, or gathering for a pickup game of ultimate Frisbee.

    Condo Life in Queen West

    The popularity of Queen West condos has been no secret amongst Toronto developers in recent years. New constructions have been popping up as a result — some of which are more innovative or design-forward than others. Mostly, the architects and developers working on Queen West condos are well aware of the competitive nature of the market, and so they bring their very best.

    Notable new buildings include 12 Degrees at 15-27 Beverley Street and Five Nine On Richmond at 533 Richmond Street West. Prospective buyers looking for something a little more historical are also in luck, as Queen West is home to a combination of both contemporary condos and hard lofts. The Candy Factory Lofts and Trinity Park Lofts are a great place to start for those in search of an authentic loft. Alternatively, buyers who aren’t in such a rush can simply wait and see: there’s currently a ton of Queen West condos in pre-construction.


    Unsurprisingly, one of the most commonly used routes for residents living in Queen West is none other than Queen Street West. Drivers can head east or west along this major arterial road, while those without cars of their own can also hop onto streetcars that move in both directions 24/7. Those living toward the east end of the neighbourhood are also within close reach of Osgoode Station, located at the corner of Queen and University. From here, travelers can head north or south along the University-Spadina line.

    Queen West Overview

    The Locals: A mix of young and old, students and professionals, newcomers and lifelong locals.

    Code of Conduct: Residents of the Queen West neighbourhood march to the beat of their own drum.

    What You’ll Find: A neighbourhood constantly evolving to suit the times.

    What You Won’t Find: An off-the-beaten-path atmosphere.

    The Homes: An assortment as wide as the residents themselves, including character homes, historical conversions, and contemporary soft lofts.

    Sealing the Deal: Never having a dull day in the neighbourhood.