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    Condos for Rent in Lytton Park | Allenby, Toronto, ON

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    Renting a home in Lytton Park | Allenby

    Located in midtown Toronto, Lytton Park and Allenby is the picture of a residential neighbourhood in Toronto; streets are laid out in grids, and lined with mature trees and 2-storey brick homes set on narrow lots. It’s also the kind of neighbourhood where the price of a single family home is almost out of reach, and the cost of buying a condo is trending that way as well — which makes condos for rent in Lytton Park and Allenby, a good substitute.

    While technically one neighbourhood, the Lytton Park and Allenby area is actually 2 micro-neighbourhoods combined — Lytton Park is the larger section in the north, and Allenby is the smaller portion in the south. Lytton Park residents are closer to Yonge Street and Allenby residents are near to Eglinton Ave E.

    The neighbourhood has everything a family could want — great schools, large parks, playgrounds, and athletic clubs. Residents have dining and shopping options on Yonge St and Eglinton Ave. Plus, the Yonge Eglinton Centre is just east of the neighbourhood, and there’s a reasonable nightlife selection in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood, which is just next door.

    Condo Life in Lytton Park | Allenby

    If you’re interested in renting here, you’ll find that most condos for rent are in Lytton Park — there’s a mix of large developments and smaller boutique residences. Those who favor amenities over privacy, might find buildings like the Residences of Muir Park and 3018 Yonge Condos to be very appealing, but the cost of rent can be high.

    Families and empty nesters who are seeking condos for rent in Lytton Park, will see the value in smaller properties like Lytton Park Suites — of course, landing a unit in a boutique building can be a trying task.


    This neighbourhood is a great choice for residents who love to get things done on foot. Public transit options are vast; there are multiple bus routes in the area, streetcars on Eglinton, and Eglinton Station is southwest of the neighbourhood for subway lines. For the nearest highway, drivers can head north on Avenue Rd for the 401.