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Condo Townhouses for Rent

When people think of condo townhouses for rent in Toronto, they often imagine one of two things: rows of contemporary yet traditional looking stucco and red brick complexes, and slender, stacked, ultra-modern homes. Funnily enough, some of the city’s oldest residential constructions were in fact townhomes. So next time you’re strolling around the Annex looking at the attached Victorian and Georgian homes, keep in mind that these homes were actually the precursor to Toronto’s modern-day condo townhouses.

Today, condo townhouses for rent can take a number of forms. For one, there’s the standard townhouse configuration: complexes of three or more attached homes that share sidewalls. Yet another style is the stacked townhouse, which contains two or three vertically stacked homes, each suite reaching to both the back and the front of the structure. Then there are back-to-back townhouses, in which suites share both a sidewall and a rear wall with other homes in the complex — and this category often comprises a building block with entrances found on both sides. Finally there are stacked and back-to-back townhouses, which, unsurprisingly, contain a combination of the aforementioned features.

Renting a Condo Townhouse in Toronto

Townhouses have proven an excellent choice for all sorts of renters, although one group in particular tends to lean toward these homes most — families. The proof is in the statistics: in 2018 as much as 34% of townhouse residents were under the age of 50 and had children.

One reason townhouses attract so many families is because, more often than not, they cover multiple storeys. Multi-level units are great for families, as parents can put young ones to bed upstairs, while still being able to entertain on the lower level. Another key factor that appeals to this demographic is the communal outdoor space afforded to residents living in townhouses. Parents can send kids out to play in the courtyards and parks that often accompany townhouse complexes (once they’re old enough, of course). And since so many families are attracted to condo townhouses for rent, children living in these homes should have no trouble making new friends to play with.

Besides families, condo townhouses for rent in Toronto also cater to those who want to be part of a community, while still having direct access to their own front doors. While the lack of a main, communal structure often means there’s no party room or gym on site, many townhouse complexes still manage to offer a couple of amenities to their residents. Although amenities do vary, the most common extras found in townhouse complexes are barbecues, rooftop terraces, and underground parking garages (some of which contain visitor spots).

Private outdoor space is yet another reason to rent a townhouse condo rather than a suite in a high rise. Many condo townhouses for rent come part and parcel with rooftop terraces, balconies, ground-level gardens or patios, or a combination of these spaces. Upper-level units at the Halton Street Townhouses in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood, for example, come equipped with not one but two balconies, while lower-level units boast gardens.

With townhouses, renters who want to get even more bang for their buck often have the option of choosing a unit that sits slightly below grade. Some are wary of living in anything that resembles a basement, however, townhouse developers tend to ensure these units are bright and airy by outfitting them with plenty of well-placed windows.

And like any other type of home, townhouses offer plenty of choice in terms of both community and suite size. Take the 455 Dovercourt Condos in the Dufferin Grove neighbourhood for example, which contains just 12 units in total, and compare that with the 466 homes found at the Liberty Village Townhomes. As for individual unit sizes, prospective renters can expect to find townhouse suites that are as diverse as the city itself. Those who aren’t part of the family demographic might be interested in the smaller units at the 35 Wabash Townhomes, which cover as little as 500 square feet, while homes in the Churchill Collection Townhomes in Forest Hill South span nearly 3,000 square feet at their largest.