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    Condos for Rent in Humbermede | Emery, Toronto, ON

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    Renting a home in Humbermede | Emery

    The Humbermede and Emery area is located just west of highway 400 — the neighbourhood is often referred to simply as Emery, so whether you’ve come looking for condos for rent in Emery or condos for rent in Humbermede — you’re looking for the same thing.

    Bounded to the west by parklands and the Humber River, condos for rent in Humbermede and Emery are perfect for nature lovers who don’t mind a commute. In addition to ample green spaces, there are schools, playgrounds, sports fields and community centres — everything a family could need. Century Gardens Condos is the only condo building, but there are 3 townhouse complexes.

    Finch Avenue and Weston Rd run through the neighbourhood and are both lined with restaurants and businesses. The eastern portion of the neighbourhood is mostly made up of commercial space; while condos for rent in Humbermede and Emery go for less than units in downtown Toronto, you’ll still find plenty of convenient shops and restaurants in the area.

    Condos for rent in Emery are definitely meant for driver’s, because public transit is a bit of letdown here, as there are bus routes in the neighbourhood but no streetcars, subways, or GO trains like in downtown Toronto.