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    Condos for Sale in Henry Farm, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Henry Farm

    The origins of Henry Farm date back to 1806 — as the name would suggest, there was a farm owned by a man named Henry… how’s that for creativity? In modern day, Henry farm is a neighbourhood located in North York, bounded to the north by Sheppard Ave and to the south by the 401.

    If you’re interested in condos for sale in Henry Farm, you have over a dozen Toronto condo buildings to choose from, most of which are modern high-rises like Ultra at Herons Hill Condos. Buyers have options at a range of different price points, so buying a condo in Henry Farm is achievable for those on a tight budget. Some buildings offer extensive amenities while others provide only modest extras.

    Henry Farm is divided down the middle by highway 404 — to the east is large commercial space containing restaurants, big box stores and service based businesses, and to the west it’s mostly residential. There are 2 large parks in the neighbourhood and several schools, which makes condos for sale in Henry park particularly appealing for growing families.