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    Condos for Rent in CityPlace, Toronto, ON

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    Renting a home in CityPlace

    Who could have predicted that a simple plan to redevelop a disused Canadian National railway yard by the waterfront would result in the creation of a cohesive community? Technically, the plans for what would eventually become CityPlace were put into place back in the 1960s. At that point, however, all that had been decided was that the rail yard had to go.

    Jump forward 30 years, when Concord Adex Developments finally began to make its mark on the land. The area’s 44 acres were finally given a complete overhaul, and a new, mixed-use neighbourhood was born with an abundance of Toronto condos for sale in the area. And while it feels as though CityPlace has been around for plenty of time now, the neighbourhood won’t be complete until the opening of two new schools in 2019.

    The self-contained neighbourhood known as CityPlace may feel small at times, but it actually happens to be Toronto’s largest residential development. CityPlace is situated just north of Lake Ontario, and covers the area between Lake Shore Boulevard and Front Street, from Bathurst to Reese Street.

    CityPlace condos for rent are also technically situated in the Entertainment District, which ensures that residents can always find something fun to do — without having to travel too far. The Rogers Centre, which hosts everything from major sporting events to the hottest concerts of the year, sits in the east end of CityPlace. Just beyond that are attractions like the CN Tower, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and the Ripley’s Aquarium.

    To the south, residents living in CityPlace condos for rent can find all the waterfront parks they could possibly need. Little Norway Park is ideal for anyone planning to play baseball, while those interested in sunbathing will want to head straight to the artificial beach at HTO Park. The Harbourfront Centre is also just a short walk away, with its contemporary art gallery, ice skating rink, art studios and galleries, performance spaces, and more.

    Condo Life in CityPlace

    Renters in search of single-family homes have come to the wrong place. Rather, CityPlace is entirely occupied by condominiums. Yet there’s still a sense of cohesion to the neighbourhood that can’t be found in many other urban environs.

    Each of CityPlace’s 10 residential blocks contains a number of condos that share an amenities space. And while some might initially object to the concept, sharing seems just fine once renters learn just what sort of amenities we’re talking about. Residents of Montage at 25 Telegram Mews and those living at Neo - CityPlace at 4K Spadina, for example, all make use of the same karaoke room, rock-climbing wall, and swimming pool.

    Those seeking Toronto condos for rent who are more interested in views than amenities, on the other hand, might want to wait for the completion of Concord Canada House in 2021. Upon completion, the building by IBI Group and Concord Adex will reach to an impressive 69 storeys. Those unwilling to wait can also check out the condos that are currently tied for CityPlace’s tallest residential building: the 49-storey Harbour View Estates I Condos and the West One.


    Regardless of how one prefers to get around, CityPlace’s central locale makes it easy to traverse the city — or to leave it altogether. With Bathurst and Spadina cutting straight through the neighbourhood, for example, residents have the option to hop onto a streetcar heading north along either of these arterial roads. Both streetcars will eventually land travelers at the Bloor-Danforth subway line, while riding along Spadina has the added benefit of being able to transfer onto the University-Spadina line as well.

    It’s also easy to reach Union Station when renting a condo in CityPlace. While the walk takes all of about 10 minutes, those with luggage might opt to take the Front Street bus or the streetcar along Queens Quay West. Once at Union, travelers have many options: GO buses and trains and VIA Rail trains head into suburbs and neighbouring cities, and the UP Express carries passengers to Pearson International Airport in no time. Speaking of airports, CityPlace residents planning to fly can also reach Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport in just 6 minutes by car.

    Last but not least, drivers living in CityPlace are also well situated. For one, the Gardiner is just around the corner, which carries cars east and west along the southern edge of the city in a hurry. From the Gardiner, drivers can quickly reach the Don Valley Parkway to the east or the 427 to the west. And when destinations are to the north, both Bathurst and Spadina will surely come in handy for those with cars.

    CityPlace Overview

    The Locals: Down for something a little different.

    Code of Conduct: Sharing amenities means residents get to know people from neighbouring buildings, on top of their own.

    What You’ll Find: A master-planned community at its finest.

    What You Won’t Find:A traditional residential atmosphere.

    The Homes: Condos, condos, and more condos.

    Sealing the Deal: The prospect of spending sunny Saturday afternoons on the water and then walking up to King Street for a posh night on the town.