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    Condos for Rent in Kensington Market, Toronto, ON

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    Renting a home in Kensington Market

    Kensington Market is well known for vintage shopping — whether it’s clothing, accessories, or retro technology that you’re after, you can find it here. And should you decide to rent a condo in Kensington Market, everything you need will be right outside your front door.

    With College to the north, Dundas to the south, Spadina to the east, and Bathurst to the west — Kensington Market has TTC service on 4 sides. Dining options are abundant here; there’s Top Gun Burger for cheeseburgers that straddle the line between food and art, Wanda's Pie In The Sky for a treat, Seven Lives for tacos, and many more.

    The only thing that could improve the nightlife in Kensington Market, is if craft beer flowed from the drinking fountains — the reality isn’t all that far off. Those who seek out Toronto condos for rent in the neighbourhood have microbreweries like Kensington Brewing Company, pubs with great beers on tap such as Trinity Common and Ronnie's Local 069, and live music bars like The Hideout.

    Condo Life in Kensington Market

    There are only 4 condo buildings in Kensington Market — a modern mid-rise, a loft residence, an exclusive luxury condo, and a boutique low-rise. Kensington Market condos for rent fluctuate wildly in price, making them suitable for a wide range of people.

    Discerning renters will love the generous suites and luxurious finishes at Lippincott Living; unfortunately, there are only 8 units here, and finding one for rent will certainly be a challenge. The College Condo at Spadina is a 13-storey building with relaxing amenities, and condos that rent for reasonable prices.

    If you love loft layouts, the airy units at Kensington Market Lofts will be suited to your tastes. Those who want the best bang for their buck, will be drawn to 8 Oxford Street Condominiums.


    Condos for rent in Kensington Market are perfect for those who love to run errands on foot. Public transit users have countless options — streetcars, buses, and St. Patrick Station is within walking distance. Car owners will have to stomach some time in traffic in order to reach the Gairdner Expressway via Spadina.