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    Condos for Rent in Yonge and Bloor, Toronto, ON

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    Renting a home in Yonge and Bloor

    Yonge and Bloor neighbourhood consists of more than just these two major streets: the neighbourhood runs from Rosedale Valley Road all the way down to Isabella Street, and stretches from Yonge Street to Parliament. So while the bulk of the commercial offerings in the neighbourhood are situated along Yonge and Bloor, there are still plenty of quiet residential streets to go around.

    There are clearly a number of reasons why prospective residents might be interested in Yonge and Bloor Condos for rent. Another such motive is the quality retail stores that can be found here. One can spend an entire day shopping at the corner of Yonge and Bloor alone, between the massive Hudson’s Bay Company on the northeast corner and Nordstrom Rack just south of there. Even more shops are situated below the Bay as well, in the lower level of the Hudson’s Bay Centre.

    The Bay may be perfect for everyday shopping needs, however those looking for something a little more special can head just west to another of Canada’s own department stores, Holt Renfrew. Known for carrying luxury designer labels, Holts — as regulars tend to call it — fits right in on Toronto’s ‘Mink Mile.’ For those who don’t already known, Mink Mile is the name given to the shopping district on Bloor Street, between Yonge and Avenue Road. And as the name suggests, this stretch of Bloor is home to the priciest retail real estate in the country.

    Yonge and Bloor residents hoping for a full day of luxury can start the day with high tea or a massage at one of Yorkville’s luxury hotels, or they can spend the evening being treated like a royal at Café Boulud or Sassafraz. Low-key date nights, on the other hand, might involve taking in a film at the Cineplex Cinemas Varsity and VIP or attending a lecture at the Toronto Reference Library.

    Condo Life in Yonge and Bloor

    With 26 buildings packed into a rather small neighbourhood, it’s not too difficult to find the perfect Yonge and Bloor condo for rent. What’s more, many of these buildings are quite dense: The Residences of 8 Park Road Yorkville contains nearly 300 suites, 85 Bloor is divided up into around 250 units, and — most impressive of all — One Bloor Condos is divided up into a staggering 789 homes.

    High-rise condominiums may be the norm in Yonge and Bloor, rather than single-family homes, however this doesn’t mean renters need to compromise on size. Those looking for Toronto condos for rent that are large enough for a small family can look at Paxton Place, James Cooper Mansion, and Rosedale Glen, all of which contain suites that reach to over 2,000 square feet. Renters planning to move a small army into their condo, on the other hand, might want to stick to One Bloor, whose suites can span upwards of 5,500 square feet at their largest.


    Toronto isn’t the most difficult city to get around, but living in Yonge and Bloor condos for rent makes it all the more simple to travel from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. For one, the neighbourhood is named for two major roads that both happen to have subway lines running underneath them. The Yonge line is useful for anyone heading south toward the downtown core or north into the suburbs, while the Bloor-Danforth line carries passengers east and west. And by starting one’s journey from the Bloor-Yonge Station, travellers can take their pick between these two routes.

    As for those who prefer to drive, Yonge and Bloor residents heading out during rush hour should prepare by giving themselves some extra time — or by bringing car snacks. Thankfully, there are some great routes for zipping around the city, such as Jarvis Street, with its reversible centre lane. This means that when traffic is heavier heading north, the middle lane is designated a northbound lane; when the congestion is caused by southbound cars, on the other hand, the middle lane is used by drivers heading south.

    The Don Valley Parkway also makes life easier for drivers living in Yonge and Bloor condos for rent. When using this north-south highway, drivers can reach the 401 or the Gardiner Expressway in no time.

    Yonge and Bloor Overview

    The Locals: Well dressed.

    Code of Conduct: The shopping can be tempting, so window shopping is highly encouraged — especially if residents plan on saving any portion of their paycheques.

    What You’ll Find: Toronto’s largest (and arguably most beautiful) library branch.

    What You Won’t Find: Wide-open spaces.

    The Homes: Soaring condos.

    Sealing the Deal: Having access to not one, but two subway lines.