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    Condos for Sale in Sunnyside, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Sunnyside

    It might be hard to imagine now, but Sunnyside was once considered a vacation destination for Torontonians — today, the amusement park is gone, and in its place is the Gardiner Expressway…hooray for progress.

    Sunnyside could best be described as a micro-neighbourhood; it’s often lumped in with High Park & Swansea. Bordered to the west by High Park itself, residents on Sunnyside have one of the best green spaces in the city on their doorstep, with walking trails, sports fields, a swimming pool, a small zoo, and so much more. Plus, lakeside parks and recreational activities are just minutes away.

    Condos for sale in Sunnyside can’t rival the conveniences offered by buildings in more urban neighbourhoods, but residents have a small selection of restaurants, cafes, pubs, and serviced based businesses on Roncesvalles Ave — salons, daycares, and financial institutions.

    Though this neighbourhood is small, there is a school within its borders, and a hospital: St. Joseph's Health Centre, Toronto. And anything that can’t be found within this neighbourhood’s boundaries, is likely next door in High Park – Swansea.

    Condo Life in Sunnyside

    If you’re looking for condos for sale in Sunnyside, you have only 3 buildings to choose from: The Abbey Lofts, 53 High Park Condos, and Park Lake Residences. Park Lake Residences has some affordable options for first time home buyers, but there’s no sugar coating it; condos for sale in Sunnyside can fetch a pretty penny.

    Abbey Lofts is a church conversion with plenty of authentic features and contains just 24 units — price tags can easily go for 7 figures. And if you think 24 units is exclusive, 53 High Park condos is home to just 4 units, which is about as exclusive as exclusive gets. Because these buildings are so small, they don’t come with a whole bunch of flashy extras, but instead of amenities, you get suites that are far more spacious than most modern Toronto condos. Those who want modern amenities, will need to keep their eye out for Toronto condos for sale in Park Lake Residences.


    Condo owners can likely accomplish some errands on foot in this neighbourhood but will need a vehicle or public transit to get everything done. Those who rely on public transit have a great location for their morning commute — there are streetcars on The Queensway and Roncesvalles Ave, and bus routes on Parkside, connecting to Keele Station for subway lines.

    Car owners won’t need to spend much time in city traffic and can reach the Gardiner Expressway in a hurry via The Queensway.

    Sunnyside Overview

    The Locals: Families, established professionals, and empty nesters.

    Code of Conduct: Residents get their espressos at locally owned cafes.

    What You’ll Find: Narrow residential streets shrouded by tall trees.

    What You Won’t Find: Affordable condos.

    The Homes: Large single-family houses.

    Sealing the Deal: Living just steps from High Park and Lake Ontario.