Nicolette Santos
Sales Representative

About Nicolette Santos

Nicolette has the unique ability to turn even the most stressful challenges into meaningful experiences. Thoughtful, empathetic and very intuitive — Nicolette’s entire business is built on a strong network of loyal clients who value her friendly approach to real estate.

She became a full-time agent following a solid career in makeup artistry and cosmetic sales. Needless to say, the interpersonal skills and customer service expertise gained from her previous field have now become indispensable. But perhaps what makes Nicolette most successful is her inquisitive nature, allowing her to turn property data into useful insights for both buyers and sellers.

When not working, this active realtor enjoys dog training, travelling, and trying new foods. However, even in these spare moments, Nicolette finds herself still thinking about her clients’ real estate journeys. She says it’s often easy to give up, especially in a competitive housing market like Toronto’s. But her job is to inspire clients to keep pushing ahead to fulfil their dreams.

After all, according to Nicolette’s favourite quote, “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”